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The BHA investigation concerns races run during the period Oct 1, 2009, to July 18, 2012 and the hearing into the case is scheduled for Nov 11. The inquiry is likely to be complex owing to the number of races and people involved. It is expected to last seven days.

The case In re Apple iPod iTunes Antitrust Litigation was filed as a class action in 2005 [8] claiming Apple violated the . antitrust statutes in operating a music-downloading monopoly that it created by changing its software design to the proprietary FairPlay encoding in 2004, resulting in other vendors' music files being incompatible with and thus inoperable on the iPod . [9] The suit initially alleged that five days after RealNetworks released in 2004 its Harmony technology making its music playable on iPods, Apple changed its software such that the RealNetworks music would no longer play on iPods. [10] The claims of Apple's changes to its encoding and its refusal to license FairPlay technology to other companies were dismissed by the court 2009, but the allegation of Apple's monopoly on the iPod's music download capabilities between 2004 and 2009 remained as of July 2012. [11] In March 2011, Bloomberg reported that, after a related 3-year inquiry by the Competition Commission , Apple agreed in 2008 to lower its prices on iTunes tracks sold in the United Kingdom and that Steve Jobs had been directed by the court in March 2011 to make himself available to be deposed on Apple's FairPlay changes as they relate to the plaintiffs' monopolization claim. [8]