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10) e is less challenging to spell than pi.
9) e ~=, which can be easily memorized to its billionth place, whereas pi needs "skills" to be memorized.
8) The character for e is so cheap that it can be found on a keyboard. But is special (it's under "special symbols" in word processor programs.)
7) Pi is the bigger piece of pie.
6) e has an easy limit definition and infinite series. The limit definition of pi and the infinite series are much harder.
5) e you understand what it is even though you start learning it late when you're in pre-calculus. But pi, even after five or six years it's still hard to know what it really is.
4) People mistakenly confuse Euler's Number (e) with Euler's Constant (gamma). There is no confusion with the one and only .
3) e is named after a person, but pi stands for itself.
2) Pi is much shorter and easier to say than "Euler's Number".
1) To read pi, you don't have to know that Euler's name is really pronounced Oiler.

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Now we add two more digits to the working area; and we want to know what’s the largest *x* such that *(1020+x)×x ≤ 2782*? 2×1022=2044≤2782; and 3 will definitely be too large.

Probably the easiest way is to implement the float versions in Managed C++. Whether that will go faster that the baked-in double versions or not, I can't say.

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